It is expected that software industry based on information technology(IT) plays the central role in the industry of the 21st Century. IT is a core fundamental technology storing, processing, delivering, and using large scale information bases.  It is essential for constructing national information infrastructure and is an important measure for a country's level of informationization.



Advanced Information Technology Research Center (AITrc) has been established to play the role of a frontier leading the IT area and developing core IT technologies. AITrc has 20 participating professors including ten from the Department of Computer Science, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).  It has been selected as an engineering research center of excellence(ERC) by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation(KOSEF) in 1999.



The research goal of AITrc is to develop an intelligent distributed integrated information architecture. For the development of the architecture, AITrc carries out research in four sub-areas: (1) database and knowledge management systems, (2) intelligent information agents, (3) natural language information architecture, and (4) network and multimedia telepresence.



AITrc has established its research objectives as (1) producing top class research results, (2) developing practical core IT technology and systems, (3) training high-quality human resources in the IT area, and (4) enhancing the quality of life of people through IT applications.  AITrc will make best efforts to play the role of a pioneer to promote Korea to be one of the most advanced IT nations.